4 Best Homemade Detox Tea Recipes

4 Best Homemade Detox Tea RecipesI have below 4 best homemade detox recipes to cleanse out your entire system and weight loss.

If you’re not entirely sure what recipes to use, here are several good options. Be aware that these detox recipes tend to include additional herbs and ingredients, such as lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, basil, and lemon. Not only do they provide additional health benefits, but they add to the overall taste of the tea. After all, it’s going to be impossible to complete a tea detox if you can’t stand the taste.

1. Homemade Detox Tea


36 grams of green tea

36 grams of yerba mate tea

11 grams of dried lemongrass

17 grams of dried mint leaves


The combination of the four ingredients makes 100 grams. Mix all of the ingredients together. To make a single cup of tea, put a teaspoon of the mixture into a tea filter and pour in hot water. (Stay away from boiling water.)

2. Sweet Dandelion Tea


1 roasted dandelion tea bag

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 tsp. maple sugar or honey

1 tablespoon grass-fed butter or ghee

½ tsp. vanilla extract

1 cup water


Heat water until right before it starts to boil. Pour it into a cup with the tea bag and allow it to brew for 5-10 minutes. Now, add the coconut oil, butter, vanilla, and maple syrup/ honey. Blend well and enjoy.

3. Dandelion- Ginger- Milk Thistle Detox Tea


3 teabags (or 3 tsp) dandelion root

3 tsp fresh ginger

3 teabags (or 3 tsp) milk thistle

2 tablespoons lemon juice, preferably fresh

1 tablespoon coconut oil

2 cinnamon sticks

5 cups water


Bring ginger and water to gentle boil for one minute. Remove from heat. Pour the water over the dandelion, milk thistle, and cinnamon. Cover and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Drain herbs before adding coconut oil and lemon. Stir and serve warm or put in the refrigerator for later. (It’s actually quite good cold, especially during the warm summer months.)

4. Green Tea Detox


8 oz. water

1 green teabag

1 tsp honey

1 sliced lemon

2 slices of cucumber

1 sliced strawberry


Brew the water with the green tea bag. After allowing it to cool in the refrigerator, add the cucumber, lemon, honey, and strawberry. Mix together. If desired, serve over ice, which is a refreshing option during the summer.

 Incorporating Detox Tea In Your Liver Detox Plan

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of tea detoxes and have a few good recipe ideas, it’s time to look at how you can incorporate tea into your liver detox plan.

It is important that you hydrate adequately during your cleanse and tea is a great way to do that. Aside from the additional nutrient boost you will get, it will help to stave off the boredom from consuming mainly water.

Opt to drink tea with your meals and then before bed by following this sample tea schedule.

Include the following teas with your meals and also in-between meals when needed…

Breakfast: Green Tea

Snack: Yerba Mate

Lunch: Fennel Tea

Snack: Pu-erh Tea

Evening/Before bed: Dandelion or Milk Thistle Tea

If you are new to the world of tea detoxes, get ready to see some amazing results!


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